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Our award winning software systems have been used by top agencies around the world.

Now, we use them to growth hack success into our clients.


Our Creator tool allows Agencies and Brands to instantly connect with Creator audiences for immediate feedback on future campaigns. Unlike existing theoretical data provided by databases or even AI systems on Creator followers, our system provides imperial, behavior driven data for successful campaigns.


Posse's creator tool provides brands and agencies with actual pools of people who follow any Creator to run test or full campaigns against.

Our in-house marketing palette, coined "Routes," is used by our team to blue print and map out marketing campaigns that may require omnichannel directions and multiple faucets of conversions.

Posse uses Routes to do what 99% of other marketing teams don't and can't do, and that's visualizing entire marketing campaigns onto a simple readable palette to continually edit, optimize, and execute without missing a beat.

Copy of Untitled Design.gif also has the most powerful Linkedin lead generation tool on the market. Our system finds out a brands target audience, matches with its decision makers, and sends direct sculpted message into their inbox within a seconds notice. The cherry on top? Our system can do this over a thousand times a day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In the same time it takes any other lead generation tool to find qualified leads, our system would have already booked 5 calls with qualified leads. We don't mess around when it comes to time efficiency.


All of our tools come together under one machine learning system we created in house and named "intern." Don't be fooled by its name however, our intern programmatically keeps all of our software systems running 24/7 without any down time, and brings "farm to table" data onto our systems integrations every minute of the day to constantly improve and optimize.

A lot of companies that claim to utilize "AI" or machine learning fail to explain that most brands can't even understand such high level tech, more or less use for their benefit. That's why we use our system to better our internal software tools, which are ultimately used to better our clients results.


Utilization has to come with effectiveness.

Thank you intern!

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