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The People Behind


Our Story

Back in 2017, our co-founders Aaron (a serial entrepreneur and Shark Tank Winner) and Gunn (1 of the first 100 beta testers and engineers for Facebook's Business Manager)  started building software for agencies to help their brands accelerate growth and optimize their digital campaigns. During this time, Aaron and Gunn realized how many brands needed not just better software, but better agency performance.

Today, we help brands from all over the world and across various industries get started and scale their digital advertising on every platform on the internet.





2021- Today

Gunn and Aaron partner up after launching products for Shark Tank to build marketing technology for Agencies.

Received $1 million in our first round of funding from members of Goldman Sachs, Fortress Investment Group, and Wells Fargo. Posse soon began servicing its software technology to agencies around the world.

Posse began touring the country and was invited to lead panels at the biggest digital marketing conferences in the country. At this stage, the Posse technology penetrated over 100 million followers across Social Media.

The world goes into shutdown and digital marketing demands spike. Gunn and Aaron realize the volume of brands requesting Posse to take over their entire marketing and begin bringing software technology in house.

Posse pivots into a full service digital marketing agency and begins managing marketing efforts for brands all over the world. We have now managed over $100 million in ad spend and have exposed campaigns to more than 60% of all daily active users on Social Media.

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