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QuikMart Transitions into Pickup & Delivery

Quik Mart Stores, Inc. is a second-generation family business of 17 convenience Stores throughout Tucson and Pima County, Arizona. The Company is the largest independent convenience store retailer in the Tucson Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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QuikMart has become known as the local choice in the Tucson convenience store marketplace. The Company has earned the title of “Best Convenience Store” by the Arizona Daily Star’s Reader’s Choice Award for the past three years.



Tapping into the regional market through delivery/pickup apps

QuikMart has become the go-to convenience store in the local Tucson area. The challenge of opening up pickup/delivery in an area that is accommodated to the in-store experience was recreating the same warm welcome of walking through QuikMart doors on a website and app.

QuikMart partnered with to create a purposeful website that gave its regional market access to the convenience store without having to leave their house, or when they're on the go in their car.

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Create a seamless omnichannel point of sale

Using in-house tool Routes, created a mobile-priority website for QuikMart that created an effortless checkout system for whatever product a customer needed. Our team opened up POS's on multiple pickup/delivery apps and centered it all in the main home page to make sure traffic was diverted to a convertible action. uploaded over a thousand SKU's for all 17 QuikMart locations. Now, customers within a 200 mile radius that may not be able to come in store can order for delivery at any time of the day, any day of the week, opening up multiple more sources of revenue for QuikMart as opposed to a single source dependent on foot traffic.



QuikMart was able to open up 3 new channels of revenue for their business and became a 24/7 business for their region.







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