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Fireball cultivates new consumers through amassadorships

Fireball Whiskey is a popular, cinnamon-flavored whiskey known for its fiery kick and sweet undertones, making it a favorite choice for shots and cocktails.


Fireball Whiskey

Fireball Whiskey is known for producing the popular cinnamon-flavored whiskey brand, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. This Canadian whiskey is characterized by its sweet and spicy taste, with a strong cinnamon kick. Fireball Whiskey has gained a significant following and is often enjoyed as a shot or in cocktails. The company's branding and marketing have contributed to its widespread recognition, making it a popular choice for those looking for a bold and fiery whiskey experience.



Maximizing social media's reach through paid mediums

Fireball Whiskey falls into one of the most competitive yet compliancy - difficult spaces in digital marketing: alcohol. The ad space is extremely limited in real estate due to most social media platforms have strong policies against alcohol products, so paying for placements has become increasingly difficult for alcohol products. Thankfully, has been through tricky ad balances, and had the perfect solution to help navigate the space.

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Optimize paid ad rotations through select ambassadorships

After our team conducted a full A-Z audit of Fireball’s marketing efforts, we soon realized that in a crowded product space, it would not be an efficient use of ad budget to compete against every other whiskey brand in the market through traditional ad buying. deployed its Influencer ad placement tool to find future consumer audiences that would be nurtured through peripheral ad placements. They would be on the timelines of those that would be entering the Fireball consumer market through ambassadors that they’ve followed for years.


By confirming the ad conversion rates of these ambassadors before engaging them, Fireball was able to negotiate Influencer contracts through actual ad conversion numbers. By doing this, Fireball achieved an optimized marketing cadence through paid strategies and social media influencers.










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