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Anything Doughz vs. Everyone

From the creators of New York's favorite fro-yo store 16Handles, Anything Doughz partners with to carve their place in the dessert industry.

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Anything Doughz

At the heart of Anything Doughz is a culture of inclusiveness and diversity. Anything Doughz was created with the idea that your cookie combination should be as unique as your individuality. From the team that brought you New York's most popular and first fro-yo company 16Handles, Anything Doughz is the palette for the next generation of dessert lovers.



Creating a brand persona that reflects the uniqueness of its in-store experience

Anything Doughz positioned itself as the "Starbucks" of cookie customization, a new playground for dessert lovers. With its endless customization combinations as well as a "call out" method for naming customer's orders, Anything Doughz partnered with's creative team to bring together a brand persona that exemplified a fun and inclusive environment.

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Create a brand that has effortless cohesiveness across all its products

When's design team first sat down with the team at Anything Doughz, we came across three foundational questions: 1) how do you want your customers to feel when they see your brand on Social Media, 2) what makes you guys unique to other cookie brands, and 3) what is the companies vision?

During this 6 month process,'s creative team designed branded cookies as well as Anything Doughz's flagship location in NYC. From font collection to color palette, down to the vernacular of how all marketing and communication should be held, put together an entire brand book that is used a guideline and reference point.



QuikMart was able to open up 3 new channels of revenue for their business and became a 24/7 business for their region.

8.4 million






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