The Amazon for Influencers

There is no need to explain what Amazon has done for small business, mom-and-pop sellers, overnight resellers and even the biggest brands in each industry. Positioning, pricing and search terms have become the vital keys to success.

We translate this environment into the world of social media influencers.

But, what does an influencer have to sell? They are positioned as the most valuable asset imaginable to advertisers, followers or customers - or rather, specific audiences. They are self-categorizing consumers. When an influencer posts content, what follows is predictable: People react, they follow them, they comment, send it to friends etc. These people are defined as audiences.

For example: an individual influencer only posts about trucks. Every follower is assumed to have some type of interest in trucks. This audience is of great value to certain groups – think: truck brands and manufacturers, truck accessories and parts companies, and truck service garages. This influencer’s followers all share a common behavioral characteristic. And in extension, it is valuable to understand that they (the followers) recognize this influencer as an authority or an opinion worth listening to.

So, where does our truck influencer monetize his audience? Where can he go to open a virtual storefront to promote his audience and followership, making sure they are placed in the eye-line of the right brands?

94 million posts are generated every day from influencers like this, simply on Facebook and Instagram alone. This does not include the impact of YouTube, TikTok, or Snapchat. The digital world is divisible into extremely valuable audiences in a vast marketplace that is ripe for mining by advertisers and brands.

Posse has created the Amazon Marketplace for advertising audiences.

It is a place where influencers can build out their storefronts, position their audiences, and promote their following to applicable and relevant brands.

Brands are given the space to test and rate countless audiences, confirming their partnerships with confidence based off review data behind each group. They do not need to commit before evaluating each influencers’ reach.

In the same way we scroll through Amazon, discovering an endless array of goods, so can brands discover the valuable audiences and influencers on Posse. By removing the guesswork from influencer collaborations, both parties can act with certainty and trust each time they use Posse.

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