Social Media is Demanding a Data Revolution

It's immensely easy to waste away an afternoon scrolling through social media. Time seems to ease away as you continually swipe your finger through images, videos, and posts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok all provide this endless stream of content - something that has become intensely important in wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. With so many home and out of work, social media has become an avenue to engage with the wider world and find an escape from the swirling negativity of reality.

But in greater examination, what specifically are each of us seeing?

The answer? Content from users that individual followers. Put simply: it's limited.

Social media has expanded drastically within the last few years, becoming a multi-billion dollar industry that has the ability to target massive audiences and influence entire populations. But how are they collecting this amount of money in so little time?

Through a little black screen many of us use every single day.

Celebrities and top models are considered to be to the original content promoters, but now, social media is accessible to the everyday person. The barriers to entry are much lower, allowing a new category of 'famous' that is attainable for a wider array of people. We call them influencers. These influencers have attained massive followings through their aesthetics, content, and appeal to the general public, and are now viewed as potential walking billboards for brands - for a price though.

It's not all rosy, unfortunately, as many people are frustrated by the inundation of pop-ups, ads, and commercials they are forced to watch before they get to the content the actually want to watch. But if these ads were promoted by people many look up to or like, this attitude has the strong potential for change.

According to Edelman's 2018 Trust Barometer report, “50% of users prefer getting product information from influencers and other users rather than straight from brands or advertising. And 34% of users have found a brand solely because of an influencer post.” Yet these partnerships are not always airtight, and are subject to controversy and conflict. These content promoters may seem ideal from the surface, but influencers like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and DJ Khaled have all been sued for complications with their promotional contracts. These frustrations are often due to poor performance of the ads or a lacking response from the target audience. Companies are understandably angry when they lose thousands or even millions to these failed contracts and celebrities certainly don’t want the backlash either. A healthy middle ground between the parties seems to be the only solution, but where exactly can we find it? is the answer.

This new-age marketing agency has found the solution to the industry's pitfalls. While most agencies strive to “attract, engage, and grow your audience” through qualitative evaluation, takes a refreshingly distinct and innovative approach. The guesswork is gone, and the focus is placed squarely on quantifiable data. Through the use of Posse's strategic algorithm, they can target a specific influencer's audience and analyze its demographics and specific characteristics. In doing so, it provides a deeper, fuller picture for brands looking to find an influencer that best matches their unique consumer base - and all of this is done before an endorsement deal is commenced. This benefits both parties tremendously, and providing for the first time ever a steady passive income to the influencer, who no longer has to endorse or work with brands they don't support or use themselves. Brands are given a sense of confidence that they are strategically promoting their products to the right audience, with the right influencer. is the only agency in the world that directly tests an influencer’s following base without running the risk of campaign failure.

Its special qualities benefit every user, every influencer, and every brand.

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