Influencers Should Lead, Not Sell

Facebook/Instagram is the largest digital ad platform in the world.

In order to run any advertisement on Facebook, you must have an audience (a group of people to advertise to).

Facebook segments the world's population by Demographics and Interests. Although ‘behaviors’ are the strongest audience characteristics, Facebook has been stripped of all ‘behavior’ tools to comply with recent privacy acts. This has been one of the greatest blows to Facebook advertisers. To date, advertisers only have ‘Demographic and Interest’ based tools to create and build audiences.

However, Posse has developed a new technique to provide these coveted ‘behavioral’ audiences to brands and advertisers which comply with all ‘Privacy Acts’ and improves ad conversions which substantially reduce ad costs and greatly enhance Facebook ad tools.

By using Influencers to separate the world into followers, instead of converting them to sales people, Posse provides advertisers with the highest sought after hyper focused, behavioral based advertising audiences ever imagined. Unlike traditional and rarely successful ‘Influencer Marketing’ techniques where brands pay Influencers to push products or services to their followers, Posse allows the Influencer to continue doing what made them famous, which was never selling.

“ You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force him to drink". Posse allows the Influencers to lead their followers to many different springs to drink from. This behavioral selection may tell the advertisers which drink they prefer, where they prefer to drink and perhaps when they prefer to drink. Forcing them to drink does not provide any information and simply deters others from following.

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