How to Increase Your Work Quality and Stay Productive While Working at Home

The new normal for many is that our work offices have become home offices. In light of all the distractions from working at home, it’s often difficult to stay productive. So, is there a way to make this change more enjoyable while also remaining focused on your tasks? Whether you’re new to the at-home lifestyle or simply trying to make your work-from-home experience more fulfilling, there are easy tips that could potentially make this situation a consistent success. 

Due to our various different lifestyles, we all are faced with unique problems in our work life. However, more often than not, many of the issues we face have similar core challenges. One of these obstacles is that of separating work life from personal life. It is vital to have regular working hours, as these allow you to make the distinction between work and play, between when you have to hustle, and when you can relax. That said, working from home provides a lot more flexibility to this schedule, so it is even more important to have a plan to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Another beneficial action to facilitating productivity during lockdown is to get dressed as if you are actually going into the office each day. There is a proven mental association between work and the office and that feeling shouldn’t be neglected even if you are working from home[1]. Waking up to an alarm, having some coffee, and wearing appropriate clothing lessens the abnormality of working from home. 

Think carefully about having a designated work space. A place that is specifically set aside for your work will help you get into the right headspace when approaching the professional world. It further separates your work environment from your leisure space. 

A Gallup poll found a majority of American adults working from home would prefer to continue doing so “as much possible” after the COVID-19 pandemic [2]. With that in mind, many extroverts are still trying to find ways to acclimate to this new lifestyle. While simple, it is extremely effective to spend time outside, if possible, to quell some of the displeasure towards being cooped up all day. It can boost your mood and improve your attitude, offering an escape from the monotony of work. Although the COVID-19 pandemic greatly limits many parts of everyday life, interacting with nature has proven to improve academic performance, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and productivity [3]

Lastly, if you are struggling to work at home, having a project management app may help organize all your tasks into one platform. This will give you a clear picture of the tasks at hand, allowing you to plan out your day in a concise, practical way.

The top project management apps are: 

·      Basecamp

·      Asana

·      Trello

·      Freedcamp 

These apps are useful in managing multiple teams and chores associated with various projects, thereby providing a more structured schedule to follow throughout the day [4]. Avoid confusion by these clear-cut distinctions and increase productivity at the same time.          

The ultimate takeaway is to create a healthy relationship between yourself and your work life. As life reorganizes, COVID-19 has created a unique opportunity for personal growth and learning. Although working at home may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can be a time of mastering new skills to showcase to the world when your office isn’t a bedroom away.

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